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Porcupines - London 07

Porcupines - London 07
Al, 9 Apr 2008
    • snowleopard
      Please tell me this awful enclosure isn't heritage listed, as it is crying out for a bulldozer.
    • Hix
      Isn't that the old penguin pool?
    • snowleopard
      Exactly! Since the penguins finished suffering (see your 1982 photo) the porcupines have been wasting away in this crappy enclosure.
    • CZJimmy
      Snowleopard, the penguin pool is heritage listed, but no animal has lived in it for a couple of years now. The porcupines were tried briefly I believe, but there were problems when it rained (due to the lack of a roof).

      In the plans for the new children's zoo this will be turned into a fountain (see Taronga and their seal pools)
    • snowleopard
      As zoos run out of animals to toss into heritage listed enclosures they now plan to construct fountains instead? I've seen the photos from Taronga Zoo's new ornamental fountains and I already miss the seals and sea lions.
    • Ituri
      Alright, so in the future historic zoos won't have animals, they'll just have libraries and fountains.
    • Jacobea
      Like with those at Dudley, wouldn't it be possible to mesh this over (without damaging the structure as it's listed) and use it for displaying some kind of small primate, or bird? It seems a bit too big to make a fountain out of.
    • James27
      It could be used for some type of wading bird I guess, as the problem was that it flooded, obviously because the earthed section was the pool.
      They could even make like Bristol have recently and construct a kids "Splash zone".
    • CZJimmy
      London already has a splash zone in the new children's zoo
    • Cat-Man
      can I see the 1982 photo
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    9 Apr 2008
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