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Prehistoric Park Barcelona

A crazy thought experiment of mine; what if the grounds of a modern zoo would house Prehistoric animals instead? I've done it with the Barcelona Zoo because it's the one empty template I've managed to create. Species list for the pavilions soon to be added in the comments below.

Prehistoric Park Barcelona
    • JigerofLemuria
      A- Jurassic House:
      • Archaeopteryx lithographica, Compsognathus longipes and Pterodactylus antiquus (walk-through aviary
      • Anurognathus ammoni
      • Yi-qi
      • Rhamphorhynchus longicaudus

      D- Cambrian Aquarium: Large aquarium showcasing a great variety of trilobites, sponges, cnidarians and most prominently featuring Aegirocassis benmoulai

      E- Silurian Aquarium; various aquariums with ancient fish, including:
      • Bothtiolepis
      • Pteraspis
      • cladoselache
      • Tiktaalik

      F- Red Beds Biozone:
      • Dimetrodon grandis
      • Dimetrodon millerii

      G- Amphibiarium;
      • Diplocaulus magnicornis
      • Triadobatrachus massinoti
      • Beelzebufo ampinga
      • Seymouria baylorensis
      • Eryops megacephalus
      • Koskinonodon perfectus
      • Crassigyrinus scoticus
      • Siderops kehli

      H- Small Mammal Gallery:
      • Leptictidium auderiense
      • Hyracotherium leporum
      • Repenomamus robustus
      Extinct Islander Row:
      • Lophopsittacus Mauritianus (Broad-billed parrot) and Raphus Cucullatus (Dodo)
      • Aptornis otidiformis (Adzebill)
      • Cignus falconeri (Giant swan)
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    • AWP
      Well done! I like this very much. I'm looking forward to the species lists for the pavilions.

      What I miss, are mixed exhibits. Neochoerus with Glyptodon, a type of horse and Teleoceras with Synthetoceras, Macrauchenia with a small species of notoungulate (typothere for example), Othnielia with Stegosaurus, Placerias with one of the Triassic herbivores... some suggestions.
    • JigerofLemuria
      @AWP I have considered several options, but in many cases I feel that the limited space the Barcelona Zoo has limits me from putting multiple animal species. However, I may add something to the Macrauchenia exhibit somewhere down the line. I hope the mixed aviary in the Jurassic House makes up for that though ;)
    • Daubentoniidae
      This makes me think about what could potentially go on the Mappins in London in terms of prehistoric animals!
    • JigerofLemuria
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