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Susan Humphreys

Prickly Stick Insect

Prickly Stick Insect
Susan Humphreys, 16 Mar 2011
    • Susan Humphreys
      There were Thorny Stick Insects and Prickly Stick Insects - Bugs of Fun open evening
    • Maguari
      'Thorny Stick Insect' usually refers to members of the Heteropterygidae family, usually Aretaon asperrimus (Sabah Thorny Stick Insect) or Trachyaretaon bruechneri (Giant Thorny Stick Insect), which is probably my favourite stick.

      This is what I presume they are calling 'Prickly Stick Insect', but which I'd call a Macleay's Spectre, Extatosoma tiaratum. :)
    • Susan Humphreys
      Thanks Maguari! I've edited the title ;)
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    Susan Humphreys
    16 Mar 2011
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