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Pygmy marmoset exhibit - Lakeland oasis 08

Pygmy marmoset exhibit - Lakeland oasis 08
Al, 17 Jul 2008
    • Chlidonias
      eewww that looks horrendous!! Poor wee guys.
    • Jabiru96
      thats tiny
    • Paix
      I have seen this exhibit in person, it has changed alot from this, It has more plant life, PLENTY OF CLIMBING OPORTUNITIES! There are alot, and there are plenty of erichment techniques. The wall is also different behind it. :D

      Even though very small I liked this exhibit.
    • Jabiru96
      how many live on it?
    • zoogiraffe
      Its houses 1.1 plus how ever many young they have at the time.
    • snowleopard
      Pure junk. What more needs to be said? Isn't there a British zoo inspection team to monitor the crappy little zoos of the Isles?
    • zoogiraffe
      Well it would appear that you are having ago at what you,percieve to be yet another sub-standard collection in the UK,let me ask a question is every collection in the USA and Canada perfect?If the answer is NO which I very much expect it to be why not stop having,ago at some of these small collection that you have never visited in this country!Because some of us have not forgotten that it was your sniping comments about Gentleshaws,that caused the owner of that collection to walk away from this site!

      And for the record this exhibit is being rebuilt for a couple of new species,was going to post a picture of it but will not bother because it will just not be up to standards of anything in Woodland Park!!!
    • snowleopard
      I just browsed through the Gentleshaw gallery and I never made a single disparaging comment about that establishment. I believe that you have confused me with someone else as I couldn't see anything negative at all and I looked at every photo.

      Also, I am honestly curious as to whether there is a zoo inspection team in Britain like there is in North America (AZA accreditation every 5 years). I'm not trying to be awkward but I'm genuinely interested if that is the case.

      Lastly, on my most recent road trip I visited 50 zoos/aquariums in 50 days and many of them were quite small and could be seen in 2 hours or less...thus I am now especially fond of many tiny, yet impressive, facilities.
    • Maguari
      Yes - all zoos are regularly inspected by inspectors under the employ of the local authority: Zoos Inspectorate
    • zoogiraffe
      Well seeing as when ever zoochat is mentioned to the owner of Gentleshaws,she names you as one of the main reasons for leaving,I don't think I can say much more than that,but I believe you in what you say that you have not said anything negative about the place and that is without checking,for myself!The only thing I can think of then is that the owner is getting you mixed up with another user,given that you do have a history of ripping many of the small home made collections to pieces!

      As for inspections as Maguari has already provide a link to show that we do,though I will have to admit that the standards of some of the different inspectors to vary alot,to the level that some say that you have to paddlock,a fish tank with Goldfish in it so that people cannot get into it!

      I think if you visited some of these small collections in the UK I think you would be surprised by them,although some will still look as bad as the pictures others will look alot better than the pictures.
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    17 Jul 2008
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