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Raccoon Dog

taken May 08 2010

Raccoon Dog
Talli, 8 May 2010
    • Talli
      taken May 08 2010
    • Stefka
      OMG, I love Raccoon Dogs and the picture is amazing!
    • chizlit
      Me and you both Stefka, it amazes me how certain people are so cruel to them, and even more amazing that the public at large dont seem to know or care.

    • Stefka
      I know, terrible! (I think I commented about that under some other picture of Raccoon Dog earlier today)

      Have you seen this?

      [ame=]Investigation - 'Faux Fur' Coats Use Real Fur? - YouTube[/ame]

      We´re living in a world where real fur from real animal can be CHEAPER than a fake one!

      As I said earlier, people only know them either as a fur trimmed coat or as a non-native invader in European countries, which must be culled immediately.(And of course, no one is meantioning, how did they get to Europe in a first place. Yes, because of the fur.)

      It makes me sad, how little the public knows about them.

      I was talking with a Czech hunter this summer. (Don´t ask me why, I don´t really know how I managed to stay calm). As all the hunters do, he claims to know everything about the animals and nature...
      He told me, that people in his neighbourhood have seen a raccoon in the city park, and than he saw it as well, and something needs to be done about it... blablabla... And I said "wait, a Raccoon? for real? I mean I know that the Raccoon Dogs are spreading through the countryside, but Raccoons?" You know what he said? This self-proclaimed nature expert "explained" to me, that they are basically the same animal! In his opinion, raccoon dog is only some kind of subspecies of raccoon or something.
      So I tried to explain to him, that they are not even the same family, they come from completely different parts of the world and everything, but I don´t think he believed me.

      And these people are managing the population of wild animals... Terrible.
    • chizlit
      I dare not click the link, I've seen too many horrible things so dont want to upset myself, but it's not me that needs to see it, it's the dumb people who want to buy this cheap Chinese sh*t that needs to see it.
      There are probably people on this site that think it's ok to shoot them.
    • Stefka
      You can click, this is not another "PETA style" video. :) It´s from Young Turks channel, TV news style. :) No drastic footage.
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    8 May 2010
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