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Red panda exhibit - man-made tree

Red panda exhibit - man-made tree
MeiLover, 27 Jun 2015
    • reduakari
    • Zooplantman
      OK, that goes on the list of worst faux trees ever. It's like the very moment that a forest is being sucked into a black hole
    • Ituri
      Zooplantman, that has got to be the best explanation for what is happening here. I was trying for myself to figure out what natural forces could possibly have been at work to cause this growth pattern, but the black hole idea is certainly the most plausible!
    • MeiLover
    • Zooplantman
      The wonders of science ;)
    • zooboy28
      That was a cool video, and it was interesting to see how they built the tree. By the looks, the reason they built the tree was to keep the animals on display as best as possible, by keeping elevated branches much lower than a real tree, and extending out within the exhibit only. Having said that, its an awful idea, much better to give them real trees (or at least wood!) to climb.
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    27 Jun 2015
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