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Red River Hog Group

Most of the 13 strong group .

Red River Hog Group
Bele, 14 May 2010
    • Bele
      Most of the 13 strong group .
    • Pertinax
      They certainly look good in a big group like this. Its the same enclosure I saw them in but they may have had to enlarge it by now.
    • Jabiru96
      Wow, pretty big!!!!
    • Maguari
      It's grown since then, too - two new piglets there when I was there last month and a certain keeper there confirmed to me that the group now stands at 15.

      Pretty impressive.
    • adrian1963
      I like to see photographs of groups of the same species like this well done I like this alot
    • Pertinax
      They look good as this is how they live in the wild- not in the 'pairs' zoos usually start with.
    • Jabiru96

      Is this the biggest captive group in the world or something?
    • sooty mangabey
      ISIS lists 14 animals; however, I would trust Maguari rather more than I would trust ISIS.

      Duisburg is also down for 14 hogs; so too is Pretoria. With an animal this fecund, it must be fairly easy to build up a big group if the facilities can cope. I find this Woburn enclosure rather unsatisfying. the fences are quite high, so it can be hard to get a decent view - for children especially - and it's not exactly a thing of thought-out beauty. More just a patch of land with a fence around it.
    • taun
      The fence needs to be quite high or have an overhang to stop them jumping up.
    • Maguari
      Why thank you! :D

      As I say, the figure is direct from a keeper I know personally, so it should be reliable! :)
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