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sooty mangabey

Redstart, July 2016

Redstart, July 2016
sooty mangabey, 21 Aug 2016
    • sooty mangabey
      Sylvia communis.

      This is to be found in the superb Bohemain aviary: a large walk-through, with some smaller, enclosed aviaries within. A large number of unfamiliar (in zoos) passerines are on display - according to Zootierliste, these are the only whitethroats in Europe, for example.
    • devilfish
      Fantastic! A great shot, too. :)
    • Jurek7
      It is common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus). :)
    • sooty mangabey
      You might very well be correct - they're quite hard to differentiate (or, at least, they are for me!). Either way - unusual in captivity (although the redstart is slightly less unusual).
    • lintworm
      A redstart it is indeed ;)
    • sooty mangabey
      Thank you - title changed!
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    sooty mangabey
    21 Aug 2016
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