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Ringed Tailed Coati

Ringed Tailed Coati
demonmoth, 21 Dec 2009
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    • Jose
      This species seems like its being kept in almost every zoological garden , im sure they are very prolific breeders. Here they can be found as wild animals in the mountainsides and forests about an hour away from Mexico city near the city of Cuernavaca they can even be found within the suburbs on occasions. They are truly as common here in parts of Mexico , as the grey squirrel is in the United kingdom and just as tame. Recently when i climbed the small mountain of Tepotzlan which has a small Aztec pyramid at the top , i was suprised to see over 50 of these animals scampering in all directions on the mountaintop and even on the pyramid itself some people were feeding them peanuts which they seemed to have a taste for.
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    21 Dec 2009
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