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Sarus Crane - Elephants of China

Sarus Crane - Elephants of China
Blackduiker, 18 Dec 2010
    • Otter Lord
      What a beautiful bird! Too bad its covered with that really thick mesh... =(
    • mstickmanp
      I actually managed to take photos of the crane through the mesh, so it is possible.
    • FBBird
      Sarus Crane

      In aggressive mood, any crane can take your eye out or worse; I've seen a Crowned Crane give someone a very nasty bang on the nose through small mesh netting, to someone who got too close. This netting may actually be quite useful.
    • Blackduiker
      Though I'm not crazy about the look of the mesh fencing, my biggest complaint with the Elephants of China section is the limited elephant viewing. I would have liked to have seen an elevated deck as in the other Elephants of Asia sections; Thailand, India, Cambodia.
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    18 Dec 2010
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