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Titus, 4 Jun 2010
    • Titus
      Chessington 2nd June 2010
    • Titus
      I think this is Shani and not Kumili as I originally thought. Kumili has a smoother nose like her Mother Asili. She also looks younger ! I don't think it's Buu as her nostrils arn't quite so round.
    • Pertinax
      It definately isn't Shani or Buu- they have heavier heads/facial ruffs and saggy breasts from child-rearing- this is a non-breeding female so probably Shangha, her younger daughter (or possibly Kumili if she was on show).

      Did you notice if the new enclosure is going up yet, or how far they've progressed with it?
    • Titus
      I couldn't really work out which one this was I thought at first it was a younger one but it looked the most like Shani, now you mention it I think it must be Shangha - I thought she was being housed off show with Kumba, Bafia and Kuni. Should have counted the number of individuals that would have helped. Can't believe I didn't notice how many were!

      Note to self learn to count.

      I could see they were building or starting to build what looked like a steel cage I assume this must be the new enclosure or part of it. It only looked a little bigger than the present one maybe they will include an open area, I hope they do. By the look of it they haven't progressed much.
    • Pertinax
      Shangha is in the main/Damisi group- it is the younger Kumili and Kuni who are in with Kumba & Baffia- so pretty sure this is Shangha...;)

      I don't think(but not 100% certain) any open area is planned for the new enclosure- I think it will just duplicate the existing cage-style enclosure.
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