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Titus, 4 Jun 2010
    • Titus
      Chessington 2nd June 2010
    • Titus
      At least I got this one right. Large, quite fierce looking and she has a slight mark on her crown must be Asili.
    • Pertinax
      If you now swap the names for this and the 'Shani' photo you will have them right I think!

      Only when I saw this photo and the 'Shani' one next to each other did I realise they are the wrong way round. Shani is very grey and quite bulky. That looks like an old bite mark on her head.

      Asili has the distinctive 'Jersey' look(the 'fierce' look from her paternal grandmother 'Npongo' which many Jersey-bred gorillas have) but it doesn't show well in your photo. She is also 'smarter' in appearance than Shani and you can see that.
    • Titus
      Oh dear, I thought I had this one right!
      That mark on her crown makes her quite easy to pick out but I think she must have only acquired it recently.
      I think Chessington should update there info board I thought the pictures on it were rather small and kept in a rather shadowy place. Also the gorillas have aged since it was put up and some of the ones displayed have left the group one has even sadly died. There is also nothing that I saw saying that they house two groups either. Perhaps they won't invest in new signage until the new enclosure is complete.
      Anyway thanks for helping me sort out who's who
    • Pertinax
      You have it right now- even I got confused between them.;)

      I think its very slack they haven't updated the family tree or explained there are two groups. Even temporary signage until the new enclosure is finished would be better than nothing. But most people don't really take in the information properly anyway so I guess they have just put off doing anything for now.
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