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Shark Voyage - Simulated Shark Attack

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Shark Voyage - Simulated Shark Attack
geomorph, 18 Apr 2010
    • DavidBrown
      Do you see this thing as cheesy fun or potentially as a shark anti-conservation message like "Jaws" ("don't go in the water")?

      My inclination is to see it as fun, like the experience at Universal Studios that it is obviously emulating, but then I think about how Peter Benchley, the author of "Jaws", spent the last years of his life working on shark conservation projects. He was concerned about the negative image that his book and the film gave to sharks. I can't decide if things like this ride are harmful.

      As I write this there is a 3D horror movie about sharks being released, so it may be that this stupid little ride is just a stupid little ride that has absolutely no effect on shark conservation relative to other cultural forces like movies and "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel.
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    18 Apr 2010
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