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Siamang and Orangutan

Taken 25.05.2015

Siamang and Orangutan
zankara, 25 May 2015
    • zankara
      Taken 25.05.2015
    • elefante
      I've never seen orangutans mixed with other species.
    • savethelephant
      I'm surprised. It's quite common.
    • Loxodonta Cobra
      Indeed it is. Along with gibbons, orangutans of both species can be mixed with tapirs, otters, and other primate species.
    • DavidBrown
      It is a relatively new innovation in the United States at least it seems like.
      Not many places do it. Oregon Zoo has its orangs mixed with white-cheeked gibbons. San Diego and Fresno have their orangs and siamangs together.

      Are there any other zoos in the U.S. that mix their orangs with other species? I am not aware of any.
    • snowleopard
      The mixing of orangs with other species is much more common in European zoos but there are a number of USA zoos that have in the recent past or even at this very moment contain mixed-species exhibits featuring orangutans.

      The first 7 zoos on this list have orangs with a species of gibbon:

      San Diego
      Fresno Chaffee
      Metro Richmond

      Orangs with turtles:

      Houston (with Malaysian Giant Turtles and Yellow-Headed Temple Turtles)
    • jayjds2
      Depending on the rotation, Louisville occasionally has fruit bats with them, at least while I lived there.
    • Moebelle
      The only way I could see that happening is if there were bats in the indoor Day Room, however, fruit bats can only be found in the early part of the Pavilion building.
    • jayjds2
      I thought the orangutans could rotate into that exhibit. My apologies if not, it's been quite a while.
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