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Sign Animaya free ranging herpetofauna

Sign Animaya free ranging herpetofauna
carlos55, 2 Jun 2015
    • carlos55
      sign animaya - free ranging herptofauna - great sign
    • vogelcommando
      Did you yourself saw some reptilians and amphibians on the grounds of the zoo carlos55 ?
    • carlos55
      I saw green iguanas and spiny tailed iguanas,but not the rare endemic yucatan iguana. i also saw quick basilisks. No snakes,though.
      Here is rough translation of the sign for zoofans that do not have the good fortune to read spanish.
      Free ranging herpetofauna in Parque Zoologico bicentenario Animaya
      Author Sergio Antonio Alejos sanchez - biologist universidad autonoma de yucatan
      During your visit by safari bus,boat or on foot, you may find some of these scaly friends cimbing rocks,swimming or sunning. these are all called herpetofauna.
      None of these reptiles are venomous or agrresive, and each one has an important function in the park, such as hunting insects or plagues or spreading seeds that trees may grow in other places. Some are endemic to the yucatan peninsula, you may only find them in the states of yucatan,campeche,Quintana roo and nothern Belice and guatemala. Varoius are menaced or in danger of extinction; so if you find them do not hurt or try to caputurethem.
      The species with the state symbol are endemic to the yucatan peninsula.
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    2 Jun 2015
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