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Snow Leopard @ Howletts zoo UK

Snow Leopard  @  Howletts zoo UK
MARK, 6 Jan 2007
    • NZ Jeremy
      Love these animals, great gallery Mark..!
    • MARK
      Thank you Jeremy, there will be more to come yet
    • Jose
      a wonderful photo amigo
    • Cat-Man
      i love the aspinall parks, id visit every day if i lived nearer!
    • Animal
      But... but... there is a fence!!! ;)
    • Cat-Man
      i dont get it
    • James27
      And isn't this at Lympne, unless the Howletts ones have been housed elsewhere other than their present cage.
    • Jose
      yes it does look remarkably similar to the Port lympne enclosure for the snow leopards
    • johnstoni
      I don't think the Howlett's enclosures ever had rocks in them, unless it was taken in the round cage slightly to the left of the clouded leopard complex, which housed snow leopards for a time, although I don't even think that enclosure had rocks. Its interesting that snow leopards do well in cages with high platforms, boxes and plant cover, given their natural habitat.
    • cyrildacat
      What where Temujin the pallas cat is now? or the one next door where Tai Wada and Matsi the clouded leopards live?
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    6 Jan 2007
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