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Southern side of the renovated tropical rainforest exhibit

Southern side of the renovated tropical rainforest exhibit
Chimpangeek, 15 Jul 2015
    • Falcosparverius
      The signage here includes only English and scientific names...although I know that there are other signs throughout the building, they could have done better. These are probably just identification placards.
      Looking through the pictures uploaded, it is surprising to know that the exhibit costed $6 million, but noting that this is San Francisco, minor renovations like this will cost a great deal more than in other zoos across the states.
      Overall, the building looks much more lush and immersive than previously. I hope to visit soon.
    • Chimpangeek
      I think the zoo should to have rushed to open it. They should've waited till the end of the summer when all the species are added.
    • Chlidonias
      what are these photos even supposed to be portraying? There are no titles, no description, nothing at all.
    • Falcosparverius
      These images are of the renovated Tropical Forest Building.
    • zooboy28
      It would be great if you titled the photos usefully Chimpangeek, "image841" tells us nothing about what we are looking at, or why it should be uploaded to ZooChat. A caption to provide more detail would also be much appreciated.
    • Chimpangeek
      I was drunk when I uploaded them. Good idea
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