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Sri Lankan Rusty-spotted Cat enclosure

Two cats in the picture. May 2009

Sri Lankan Rusty-spotted Cat enclosure
Orycteropus, 16 Apr 2010
    • Orycteropus
      One of the enclosures for Rusty-spotted Cats at Port Lympne. This cage is for two females (Padukku, Palawela), both were born 22nd April 2004. 22nd of April is also my date of birth, and I joined to ZooChat that day in 2008! ;)

      Anyway, both cats are in this picture.

      May 2009
    • European Fauna
      Wonderful effort.The planting is what really makes it.I hope other collections will take note.This enclosure is the result of sensitivity & creativity , not just the result of handing over a fat budget to some architect & construction company.
    • Arizona Docent
      Well, at least you got to see them. When I was there last October (2009), I did not see either one - and I was standing near their area for about two hours photographing the indian wildcat. (Fortunately, I had just gotten some good photos of this species two days earlier at Le Parc Des Felins).

      I will be at Port Lympne for two days this coming September (2010), so maybe I will have better luck this time.
    • Maguari
      There is a second set of Rusty-spotted Cat exhibits near the Red Pandas with indoor viewing, which is helpful for at least seeing them, though the viewing isn;t very good for anything other than a 'record' shot (i.e. you get 'see, I saw a Rusty-spotted Cat' rather than 'look at this great shot I got of Rusty-spotted Cat' ;) ).
    • Orycteropus
      Arizona Docent, ask the keeper about the time of feeding, and You will see very active cats. ;) As Maguari said correctly, this enclosure is not the best place for photographing them unless you are not professional (which I am not). This is one of my best photos about one of the females, be honest, really poor quality. Ohh, and it was raining! ;)
    • Arizona Docent
      I only saw one exhibit, the one by indian wildcat, which I think is the one pictured here. However, I could get a good shot through the wire with my telephoto lens if they had appeared.

      The park is so big (huge, massive, colossal) that I did not see some parts in the middle, like the red pandas (and apparentley other rusty spotted cats), even though I was there from open until close. That is why I plan to spend two days there on my next trip (plus I really like the quaint town of Hythe where I stayed). Anyway, thanks for the tip.
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