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Staten Island Zoo - Reed titi

Staten Island Zoo - Reed titi
TinoPup, 24 Jan 2021
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    • TinoPup
      On every zoo visit, there's always at least one primate that becomes fascinated with my camera and comes running/jumping over to stare at it.
    • red river hog
      Interesting. I'm not aware of any other collections holding this species, at least not in the US.

      Staten Island Zoo definitely seems to be underrated. Many people probably visit the WCS zoos instead, because of their reputation. Staten Island actually looks to be better than most of the WCS zoos, apart from the Bronx, of course. There are still some exhibits that aren't as good, such as the alligator, beaver, fox, Meerkat, Serval, and spider monkey exhibits. That aside I can't wait to visit!
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    • TinoPup
      @red river hog Sunset Zoo has reed. Cleveland did within the last decade but no longer does.

      I actually really like the alligator exhibit, it's bigger than most and only holds one animal (Chinese holds 2). The spider monkey exhibit is pretty nice as well, especially considering it only has on geriatric individual. The meerkat exhibit is better than the photo I provided, it was being cleaned by keepers so I didn't get a full photo. The outdoor exhibits, other than the new leopard one, are definitely the worst of the bunch; none are awful, but they mostly look more typical of non-AZA. The beavers, especially, only had two smaller logs to chew on. The only ones that don't need upgrades, IMO, are leopard and river otter; I like how they've modified a very old exhibit to be usable for the otters.
    • red river hog
      @TinoPup Oh interesting, I didn't know there was only one spider monkey, in that case it's a bit better, but maybe it would be nice to mix them with another primate or something. I'll take your word for all the other exhibits since it's hard to judge just from photos. :) And you're right, I did leave out the corn crib cages, as well. The Leopard exhibit is a big improvement, as well. It's sad that they were kept in the current Serval exhibit, which, IMO, is even a little small for the Servals!
    • TinoPup
      @red river hog I thought the leopards were kept outdoors before?! That's what the last map I saw before the new exhibit said, anyway. I imagine the spider monkey ("Grandpa") likes being on his own or something, since it's an AZA zoo; there's a sign on the glass asking people not to tap or bang or make noises at him, which none of the other exhibit had. I try to get photos showing entire exhibits but it can be difficult, especially indoors and/or with link/mesh fencing.
    • red river hog
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    • TinoPup
      @red river hog That is it! Looks like it was larger though, and went into what is now the lemur exhibit?
    • Chlidonias
      @red river hog "Interesting. I'm not aware of any other collections holding this species, at least not in the US." - what they are calling a "reed titi" appears to be the same as the Bolivian Grey [Gray] Titi or White-eared Titi Callicebus donacophilus, which from a cursory look on Zoochat is kept in quite a number of American zoos.
    • TinoPup
      @Chlidonias Sunset has Callicebus modestus, not donacophilus. I'm not sure about Staten Island's, the sign wasn't working for this exhibit.
    • Chlidonias
      @TinoPup - no, Sunset has Callicebus donacophilus as well, they are just retaining the "modestus" from when American zoos labelled them as "Callicebus modestus donacophilus".
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