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Striped Hyena / Spotted Hyena enclosure at Colchester Zoo, 13 February 2009

Striped Hyena / Spotted Hyena enclosure at Colchester Zoo, 13 February 2009
mhale, 17 Feb 2009
    • Roz
      good news- the keepers suspect the female is pregnant! Saw a sign at the enclosure 17th Feb
    • reduakari
      Okay, at the risk of outraging the defenders of this zoo: looks like a very nice-sized space for these rare and fabulous animals, but what message is conveyed by the HIDEOUS details of the exhibit--spare tires, ugly fencing etc? That animals live in junkyards?

      I'm sorry, but presentation matters, and based on the photos I've seen on this site, Colchester is a serious contender for the worst taste in zoo exhibit design anywhere in the western world.
    • snowleopard
      Striped hyenas do live in junkyards...they are simply given names like COLCHESTER ZOO. Hahaha! I agree with reduakari with his assessment of this enclosure in the photo, as the obvious fencing, spare tire and whatever other crap that is in the exhibit detracts from the visitor experience and in no way replicates a natural environment. Having said that, it is miles better than the truly horrendous orangutan habitat that was recently unveiled at the zoo.
    • taun
      Although I think Colchester does not look that appealing, the criticism is not really called for this enclosure.

      The fencing is typical of many UK zoos, is effective its job and is a lot cheaper than hideous fake rock that seems to the rage in the states. Tyre is easily explained, ever heard of enrichment?? :rolleyes:

      This place is one of the bigger and better collections in the UK.
    • sooty mangabey
      This is a cheap shot, and one which is beneath you.
    • reduakari
      But funny.....

      Seriously, how can you defend this place. If it were an off-exhibit breeding area, fine. But the primary purpose of Colchester zoo is the same as other public zoos--to display animals in a way that teaches people about what the animals really are (products of their natural environment). The equivalent I can think of is to have an Art Museum display great paintings a storage shed with bad lighting because it is "more practical" than building a proper gallery. It is lazy and irresponsible to present wild animals in such a disrespectful manner.
    • taun
      One could argue keeping them in captivity is disrespectful.

      Your comment on these enclosure are way of the mark, yes Colchester are unique in the UK (maybe the world) but doesn't mean it is any worst than any other zoo in UK just because it isn't to our tastes.
    • snowleopard
      It is important to respect the opinion of everyone on this site, and therefore if an individual wishes to list the reasons why this particular exhibit (striped hyena) is successful than please do so. The Colchester Zoo "junkyard" comment by me was only meant to be funny and I am definitely not judging the entire zoo. The hyena enclosure is of a good size, and I view that as a vital aspect of any habitat. However, the haphazard arrangement of sticks, logs and bits of wood, combined with the ridiculous placement of a massive tire (along with the obvious traditional fencing) does not exactly evoke images of the animal's natural environment. On top of that the brand new orangutan exhibit is downright hideous, and so that leaves me with the impression that there are two awful enclosures at this zoo. Perhaps the rest of the grounds are littered with award-worthy exhibits, but I have only commented on two of them and I'm not sure that anyone has yet to defend either the orang or hyena exhibit. There is not much to say in the defence of the habitats, and so a lighthearted joke about "junkyards" should not be taken to heart.
    • Cat-Man
      it actually holds 2 striped hyena and 1 spotted hyena
    • mhale
      Yes, that's right. I went there on two consecutive days and only saw the two striped hyenas though.
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