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Stuma the okapi at Chester Zoo, 30 December 2009

Stuma the okapi at Chester Zoo, 30 December 2009
mhale, 30 Dec 2009
    • taun
      Did you see the male (Dicky) at all?
    • mhale
      I'm not sure ... there was an okapi outdoors in the enclosure closest to the red river hogs, and after I had looked at the giraffes indoors, I saw this okapi indoors. When I went back outside, there was no sign of an okapi outdoors, so I don't know if I saw the same okapi outside and then inside, or whether I saw both of them :)

      EDIT: I'm attaching the photo from outdoors, so that you can perhaps confirm the identity of the okapi. Looking at the leg patterns, I now think that I have seen both of them.
    • taun
      Sounds like you saw them both, usually the kept in the different outdoor area's. Plus I can see the door to the other outdoor paddock is shut in this picture.

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    30 Dec 2009
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