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Arizona Docent

substandard tiger enclosure

Two juvenile white tigers in here (originally built for servals). I am amazed that an AZA zoo has so many bad cages like this.

substandard tiger enclosure
Arizona Docent, 2 Jun 2010
    • Arizona Docent
      Two juvenile white tigers in here (originally built for servals). I am amazed that an AZA zoo has so many bad cages like this.
    • snowleopard
      Chainlink fence is an awful way to exhibit an exotic mammal in a zoo, and yet it is a cheap, extremely economical way to showcase a collection. I've heard that many of the cat cages at Wildlife World are exactly that: simple cages.
    • Zooplantman
      I don't see this institution on the current list of AZA accredited institutions (although they were accredited in the recent past)

      And the Wildlife World Zoo website makes no mention of AZA (although it does of WAZA)
    • Ituri
      Thanks Zooplantman, I didn't see this one so I commented on the other one. They aren't AZA anymore, but they have joined the ZAA for what its worth...
    • Arizona Docent
      So they lost (or gave up) their AZA accreditation? That explains a lot. I was not aware of this - THANK YOU for the update. They have in the nursery two very small "bengal" tigers (both orange this time, although heterozygous I am sure), and they continue to breed these non SSP tigers without ceasing. I was wondering how they could do that and keep their AZA status. Well now I know, they can't.
    • snowleopard
      This cage, directly next to the chain-link jaguar enclosure, housed a juvenile lion cub on my visit last week. I could have easily touched the animal as it was very playful and kept jumping up against the wire, but then again I could have also touched an ostrich, a Reeves' muntjac and some emus as several of the enclosures were chain-link fencing with a minimal second barrier.
    • azcheetah2
      Now you see why I'm concerned about them getting Cheetahs in the future. Right now, I think it's just a hope they have because I don't think any AZA zoo will be stupid enough to let them have one of their Cheetahs. Many of the new animals they get are either through breeding their own animals or for a reciprocal agreement when they sent an animal to another zoo. That's how they got both of their current Jaguars. The spotted one's grandmother was born at Wildlife World Zoo and the black one was in return for another animal born at WWZ and sent to another zoo.

      At one time, they had 4 tiger cubs in this exhibit as well as young adult tigers and lions. Not at the same time, of course. But it's too small. I'm surprised they can get away with keeping 2 jaguars in an equally-sized enclosure. They've been accredited by the AZA at least twice and have lost it both times due to their practices.

      Sorry. Stepping off my soap box.
    • Arizona Docent
      There are cheetahs in America that are outside of the AZA. Plus, it is much easier to build large enclosures for cheetahs because they do not need to be closed on top. Considering this zoo does a decent job with hoofstock (large grassy paddocks) I imagine they could do something similar for cheetahs.
    • azcheetah2
      You have a point there. They do seem to have nice exhibits for their hoofstock. I wasn't aware there were cheetahs outside of the AZA in america. All the ones I'm aware of are at AZA zoos.
    • Arizona Docent
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