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Sylvan Heights Bird Park- Senegal Thick-Knee

Sylvan Heights Bird Park- Senegal Thick-Knee
jayjds2, 7 Aug 2016
    • jayjds2
      6 August 2016
      Ruff Aviary
    • lowland anoa
      This is not a Ruff, looks like one of the thick-knees. :) Perhaps Burhinus grallarius?
    • jayjds2
      I have no clue. I'd never them before so I figured that they were ruffs. The other signed birds were Indian Pygmy goose and European blackbird, but this is obviously neither.
    • Maguari
      Definitely Burhinus - I'd say Senegal Thick-knee, Burhinus senegalensis. :)
    • LaughingDove
      It is a thick-knee, but definitely not B. grallarius.

      I'm not 100% on which species it is though so hopefully someone else can help.

      Note: cross-posted with Maguari
    • vogelcommando
      A tricky one and a picture of the complete wing surtainly would help. For the moment I would also say B. senegalensis.
    • jayjds2
      This is the only photo I have, sorry. I was hurrying through the park a bit- I still had another zoo to go to, which was two hours away. I'll able it as Senegal thick-knee for now, thanks for all the help :).
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    7 Aug 2016
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