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Simon McGlary

The Guinea Baboon enclosure

Well, the turf certainly didn't last long. Gardens cleaned anyone?

The Guinea Baboon enclosure
Simon McGlary, 1 May 2010
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    • Simon McGlary
      Well, the turf certainly didn\'t last long. Gardens cleaned anyone?
    • Maguari
      Oh my. Well, baboon reaction was exactly as anticipated! :D
    • Simon McGlary
      Well the posts, ropes and barrels are still there! For now, anyway!
    • Pertinax
      Even quicker than I expected!!!:D

      Looks like a storm's been through! I suppose they will spread woodchip/bark all over to cover it now.
    • Simon McGlary
      Was there again today. The barrel on the far left is now just the metal hoops after starting today as a complete barrel, so much can happen in 24 hours
    • Pertinax
      Do you think they might put the Drills in the other enclosure, so this becomes a 'Baboon' House?
    • Shirokuma
      This is the former gorilla house which has been mentioned as the enclosures for the giant pandas.
    • Pertinax
      It looks a mess at present with what the Baboons have done to it, but a refurbishment will take care of that.

      It comprises two similar sized outside enclosures in an 'L shape, the other being around to the left behind the wall of the indoor building (you can see the open connecting door in the dividing wall.)

      A good idea would be to get rid of the moat and put in a glass viewing wall perhaps- the current outdoor viewing is very limited and used to be partly obscured by a hedge.
    • Bele
      I wonder what they plan to do with the Baboons ?
    • Simon McGlary
      From what I've heard that is the plan with a one way system for the indoor area and closing off the stairs at the end of the penguin bridge to reduce congestion there. The big strong steel fencing was very much for the likes of the gorillas and the temporary housing of the chimpanzees while Budongo was built. At least with the work of the baboons the interior of the enclosure is basically a blank canvas!

      Indeed from what I've heard it all sounds quite exciting from the panda side of the wall and the visitor side as well! Edinburgh has set its standards with Budongo Trail, Living Links and the sun bears!
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    1 May 2010
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