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Tibetan golden cat : Exmoor Zoo : 22 May 2015

Tibetan golden cat : Exmoor Zoo : 22 May 2015
ro6ca66, 14 Jun 2015
    • ro6ca66
      Catopuma temminckii tristis (syn. Pardofelis temminckii tristis).

      Female "Swa-Fai" (approx. 7 yrs.) makes her way through the heavily-planted enclosure at Exmoor Zoo.
    • Arizona Docent
      Ok, I am officially jealous. :p
    • zootiger
      Lovely shot
    • ro6ca66
      Thanks zootiger :)
      :D This was my first visit to Exmoor Zoo, not to mention the first time I'd seen Asian golden cats; and I have to say that they blew me away! Swa-fai is certainly a lovely animal.

      Getting a good photograph of her though, is -- as has been mentioned elsewhere -- definitely challenging! This is due in no small part to the nature of her enclosure (of which I forgot to take a photo :mad:). Not that I mind such things -- quite the opposite in fact: it just makes it all the more rewarding whenever I do finally come away with a half-decent shot! :)
    • baboon
      Superb photo!! How many golden cats they have? And did they breed? :)
    • TeaLovingDave
      They have 1,1 Golden Cat, and have not bred the taxon as yet. The male is held in a neighbouring off-show enclosure I believe.

      Be great if they did breed though; when this pair was held at Edinburgh in neighbouring enclosures there were encouraging signs that the pair were receptive to one another, but then they were separated in the run-up to the collection going out of the species.

      I haven't heard any reports of any encouraging signs being noticed at Exmoor :( so their temporary separation may have damaged chances.
    • baboon
      It is a pity that Edinburgh Zoo abandons them :( Especially when thinking about how difficult to rebuild the pair bond of the golden cats :(

    • TeaLovingDave
      You're telling me :( it's even worse when you consider this pair is genetically important and unrelated to one another - and that the CEO of the collection lied to the studbook and his staff about the circumstances regarding the move.
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