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tiger enclosure

See here for what else I saw:

tiger enclosure
Chlidonias, 15 Feb 2014
    • Kifaru Bwana
      I assume this is the glass-fronted exhibit you mentioned.

      I wish they re-do the entire Carnivore section this way and address next the potential for over-crowding (compared to some other Indian zoos this is mild in comparison) among the larger Carnivora and the non conservation issue of the (in-evitable ;)) white tigers.

      If I am correct Alipore currently houses 2 pairs of Bengal tiger, 1.2 white tiger (a hum), a pair of pure-bred Asiatic lion (Junagadh - Sakkarbaug stock), 3.2 hybrid African/Asiatic lions, 2.4 leopards (probably all of Indian stock) and a lone male jaguar.

      It must be said they somehow have avoided the rampant hoof stock over-population in some other Indian zoos (this in respect to deer and antelope/gazelle species). Both nilgai and blackbuck are held in fairly low numbers and seem to have not been bred for some time now. The only high profile species here is the sangai - the Indian subspecies of brow-antledered deer.

      All in all probably one of the "better" Indian zoos at face value.
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    15 Feb 2014
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