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Austin the Sengi

“Tiger River Passage” Nocturnal House/Herpetarium exhibit

This is the sub-exhibit for which can be found inside of the “Tiger River Passage” exhibit and contains a variety of rare nocturnal species native to Southeast Asia as you will discover

“Tiger River Passage” Nocturnal House/Herpetarium exhibit
    • HungarianBison
      What is the species list?
    • Austin the Sengi

      Exhibit Layout:

      01: Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum) terrarium

      02: Grey Slender Loris (Loris lydekkerianus) exhibit

      03: Sunda Scops Owl (Otus lempiji) exhibit

      04: Bornean Eared Frog (Polypedates otilophus) terrarium

      05: Lesser Mouse Deer (Tragulus kanchil) and Northern Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri) exhibit

      06: Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) terrarium

      07: Giant Asian Toad (Phrynoidis aspera) terrarium

      08: Asian Yellow-Spotted Climbing Toad (Pedostibes hosii) terrarium

      09: Giant Prickly Leaf insect (Extatosoma tiaratum) terrarium

      10: Indian Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria regalis) terrarium

      11: Owston’s Palm Civet (Chrotogale owstoni) exhibit

      I think that solves your question for you @HungarianBison
    • Austin the Sengi
      And I also apologize if some of the numbers are hard to identify.
    • MizzB
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    2 Nov 2020
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