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Tropics Trail - Ring-tailed and Red-ruffed Lemurs Exhibit

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Tropics Trail - Ring-tailed and Red-ruffed Lemurs Exhibit
geomorph, 26 May 2010
    • Toddy
      Wow, the whole "Tropics Trail" complex looks pretty good from the photos and I would love to see it for myself.

      However, the lemur enthusiast in me is twitching at the sight of ring-tailed lemurs and red ruffed lemurs being kept together in a rainforest biotope :p
    • Taccachantrieri
      I really like all of the vegetation in this exhibit. Some of the older Tropics Trail exhibits that haven't recently been renovated look much more barren.

      I can live with this mix of lemurs because the Minnesota Zoo decided to theme their Tropics Trail into biodiversity hotspots, including Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands. A very smart theme for a Zoo exhibit complex, IMO.
    • Toddy
      That does sound like a pretty smart theme and the building looks interesting. But is the lemur exhibit large enough for two such wide-ranging and group living species?

      I guess it's just the Madagascar-nerd in me but they should have chosen another rainforest species to live with the ruffed lemurs. It doesn't get much drier than where the ring-tailes live :p
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    26 May 2010
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