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Vervet Monkey Enclosure June 2010

The keepers raised £5000 to build this new enclosure for their 4 Vervet Monkeys.

Vervet Monkey Enclosure June 2010
Gigit, 22 Jun 2010
    • Gigit
      The keepers raised £5000 to build this new enclosure for their 4 Vervet Monkeys.
    • kiang
      Well done to the keepers, a great job, you do not need a budget of millions to create a fine habitat for a group of animals, just some imagination and some understanding.
      (don't get me wrong, a few million would be nice too ;) )
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    • snowleopard
      Do the vervet monkeys have access to a large section of the trees? It is difficult to tell from the photo where the edge of the exhibit begins and ends.
    • foz
      They did say initially it would incorporate trees, whether this is still the case I do not know. The enclosure looks really good and shows what can be done for the money
    • Gigit
      The monkeys do have access to the 3 trees in the enclosure.
      I was very impressed by what they've done, and it's a huge improvement on the old accommodation.
    • adrian1963
      This looks a very good enclosure and made fpr very little money. I hope they cut the one tree back as it looks like they can jump from tree to the one thet over hangs the enclosure.
    • Gigit
      The photo is a bit deceptive - I don't think they can jump out from the trees.
    • Pertinax
      So is that three big live trees they can access? If so I too am very impressed with what they've done here with very limited funding.

      It rather puts the Monkey enclosures at another Devonshire Zoo to shame!!!
    • Gigit
      Yes, they can use the trees, which also have swings etc hanging from them if I remember correctly.
      As for other zoos, I couldn't possibly comment ;)
    • Ned
      I hope the trees survive the attention of the moneys; it would be ashamed to see them kill these fine trees.
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