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Tim May

Walrus 'Antje'; Hamburg University Zoology Museum; September 2007

Walrus 'Antje'; Hamburg University Zoology Museum; September 2007
Tim May, 4 Dec 2009
    • Tim May
      The postcard of the walrus ‘Antje’ at Hamburg Zoo that has recently been added to the gallery, prompted me to load my photograph of her in the Hamburg University Zoology Museum.
    • PeGe
      Thank you!
      I recently posted the postcard but i think Antje looks more "wooden" in your picture:p
    • Baldur
      And here she is! She was lovely, I remember her so well from my visits in 1991 and 1995. The first walrus I ever saw!
    • Tim May
      The first walrus I ever saw was “Alice” in the elephant’s bathing pool inside the Elephant & Rhino Pavilion at London Zoo.

      I too saw “Antje” several times Hamburg Zoo; unusually for a zoo walrus, she had impressive tusks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good photograph of “Antje” while she was alive.

      Incidentally, if anybody goes to Hamburg to visit the zoo and has a spare afternoon, the Zoology Museum is very interesting and well worth a visit too.
    • Baldur
    • Tim May
      Yes, the walrus ‘Alice’ has been mentioned on various other threads.

      In summary, 'Alice' was purchased as a youngster in 1966; the elephant bathing pool was only intended as temporary accommodation for her. Sadly she did not live long; the ZSL Annual Report for 1967 states that she died “as the result of an accident” but gives no further details.
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