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Walrus Exhibit

The Walrus Exhibit, Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Walrus Exhibit
Hippo, 29 Aug 2008
    • Hippo
      The Walrus Exhibit, Dolfinarium Harderwijk
    • Baldur
      Oh what a lovely sight, walruses underwater. They had some breeding success in the old pool (where I saw them in 2004) but what about the new one?
    • Orycteropus
      AFAIK Pacific Walrus was born four times in Dolfinarium Harderwijk: 17 June 1995, 22 June 2003 and 22 June 2004. The animals were moved to their new exhibit in 2005, and there one baby walrus was born 9 May 2009 (but unfortunately died a few days later).
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    29 Aug 2008
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