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Electus Parrot

Wang Wang's Stream

Wang Wang's Stream
Electus Parrot, 16 Dec 2009
    • phoenix
      i thought the ficus was going to be PART of the exhibit. i didn't realise a fugly concrete wall was going between...
    • snowleopard
      There are definitely a baffling number of rocks in the exhibit, and from the photos it appears that Funi's enclosure is somewhat more varied in terms of terrain. Both giant panda exhibits are okay and appear to be more than acceptable, but they are clearly not as spectacular as what was created at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
    • Electus Parrot
      I personnaly haven't gone and seen them at the National Zoo in Washington but from what I have heard its panda exhibit (and some other exhibits for that matter) are at an extremely high standard and from pictures it looks better. I think one problem for Adelaide Zoo was space because people wouldn't have been happy if they took out more of the zoo for the pandas (some people are not happy with them getting rid of the ungulates for them, which includes me) and Adelaide Zoo couldn't extend anywhere else.
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    16 Dec 2009
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