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Javan Rhino

Warthogs and Banded Mongooses

Warthogs and Banded Mongooses
Javan Rhino, 21 Jun 2010
    • Arizona Docent
      Now that is a cool combination!
    • Maguari
      It's a brilliant exhibit - simple yet effective with a nice contrast between the two species.
    • Pertinax
      I wonder how many people think the Warthog is a proud mother with her babies though!!!:D
    • Baldur
      If we all set aside our accumulated knowledge of animals (and maybe a bit of the common sense as well :) and think for a moment like regular visitors, wouldn't you think that? Frankly I do! :)
    • Pygathrix
      There is a sign outside the okapi/blue duiker paddock in Antwerp which says "The blue duiker is NOT a baby okapi", presumably answering an often asked question.
    • Chlidonias
      many years ago at a certain New Zealand zoo, the educator (!) ran excitedly to tell the animal staff that the blue-tongue skinks had had babies........

      ...they were pinky mice put into the terrarium for the lizards' food!
    • Paix
      I think we will need one of those signs outside the Chester Okapi exhibit now!
    • Paix
      Ive heard it said whilst standing at the exhibit actually!
    • Goretex
      And you probably will be hearing that many more times to come.;)

      BTW this is a curious combination.
    • Pertinax
      It was just this particular shot that caused me to make that remark- here the warthog does look as if she's 'tending her young....'
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    21 Jun 2010
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