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Wombat enclosure

July 17 2016. No Wombats seen :(.

Wombat enclosure
vogelcommando, 1 Sep 2016
    • vogelcommando
      July 17 2016. No Wombats seen :(.
    • PAT
      Are the koalas ever exhibited in this outdoor exhibit? Many international zoos seem to keep them only indoors so it would be nice to see an outdoor enclosure for them, even if it is only seasonal.
    • Joker1706
      This enclosure only houses the old female Wombat Roxy and she doesn´t Show herself that often.

      Both of the new Wombat Girls, which were imported last year are displayed on the big kangaroo enclosure next to the Koala house. Both are very agile and there´s a good chance to see them (I was able to took some good Pictures of them last year).

      Regarding the Koalas: Sometimes in summer, the animals will be carried to the shown Wombat enclosure, I´ve seen some Pictures showing them outside this year, but I wasn´t lucky yet to see them for myself.
    • temp
      The majority of koalas in North American and European zoos (incl. Duisburg) are San Diego's and they have several requirements before allowing a loan. One of those requirements is indoor exhibit, although they might be taken outside under the supervision of a keeper. I don't know why San Diego has this requirement, but I guess security could be the reason (interestingly, San Diego themselves have outdoor koala exhibits, as do the other California zoos with their own, non-loaned koalas). A bit about it here:
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    1 Sep 2016
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