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Zebra Duiker Frankfurt 1980

One of the most fascinating ungulates I've ever seen.

Zebra Duiker Frankfurt 1980
Benzoo, 19 May 2009
    • Benzoo
      One of the most fascinating ungulates I\'ve ever seen.
    • Eagle
      Cool a Zebraduiker!
    • Zebraduiker
      Yeah, it is. I like Zebraduikers, ha,ha,Ha.
    • Jacobea
      The stripes remind me of a thylacine :)
    • Al
      they are amazing animals! did they ever breed in captivity?
    • Benzoo
      In the 70s they were bred in in Brownsville and Frankfurt, 80s in LA and Frankfurt and 90s in LA and Cincinnati.
    • Blackduiker

      I loved these guys at the L.A. Zoo! I remember when the first pair arrived at the same time our Red-flanked Duikers did back in the 70s. The first two species of Duikers ever exhibited here. Unfortunately they're pretty much adsent in zoo collections today. What beautiful forest gems. Well, for now I must content myself with our remaining three species; Black, Red-flanked and Yellow-backed.
    • Zebraduiker
      Unfortunately, the founder population of zebraduikers was to small, to save the species in captivity, Frankfurtw as the only holder in europe, the populationw as totally inbreed and a new young male from l.A was coming to late to Frankfurt, to save the breed. He died also very early, after the death of the female, his only offspring, a female,w ass end back to L.A in 1988. Unfortunately, L.A stopped keeping zebarduikesr and send them to Cinicnnati, to concentrate on the blackduikers. They are not doing good in captivity as same as the zebraduikers and teh founder population is also to small, so in a few years, black duikesr will be dissappear from the zoos also, if they not import new animals from the wild.
    • Benzoo
      What's the problem keeping them (besides few founders)?
    • Charly
      I've worked with diffrent speices of duikers, so with zebra duikers also, they are a little bit diffrent than other duikers, very hard to breed and the feeding of them is not easy. Unfortunately, all zoos had a lot of diffrent problemes with zebra duikers, so all groups are lost now. Red flanked, Bay and Yellow backed duikers very easy to keep and breed. All duikers species have a diffrent diet in the wild, so you can feed them all the same in zoos.

      A problem in Frankfurt was the too small indoor and outdoor exhibit, because that, they had to keep them in groups. Thats a big mistake, keeping duikers in groups. We have done that also and lost a few animals, so we never have kept them again in groups, only in pairs with offspring or a male with two females. Frankfurt has kept the duikers together with a lot of diffrent other animals in teh same building, so diffrent pigs, tree kangaroos, red kangaroos, and diffrent cranivours, this was not a good idea, becuase it was too stressful for the duikers, and the building was open to the public, not good for duikers. Because the stalls were too small, the duikers had no chance getting away from the visitors or from the other duikers.

      I think, today we have a much better knowledge about duikers and if a few zoos would import a big group of zebra duikers and would keep and breed them behind the scenes and would put only captive bred zebra duikers on display, there were a very good chance for zebra duikers in captivity.
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