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ChunkyMunky pengopus

Zoological Conservation Park map (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Zoological Conservation Park map, showcasing the Aquatics building.

Zoological Conservation Park map (Part 2)
ChunkyMunky pengopus, 16 Dec 2020
    • ChunkyMunky pengopus
      Each region within the sections is listed to the side. They include
      Visitor's center
      Marine Aquarium:

      North Atlantic
      Indian Ocean
      Southern Ocean

      The Marine Aquarium is more or less a smaller, traditional aquarium, with galleries showcasing regions of the world.

      Amphibious House:
      North America

      The US South
      The Antilles
      Central America
      South America
      The Amazon
      Indian Subcontinent

      Each gallery in the Amphibious House section has a split between fish and aquariums to the dark blue side, with amphibians, as well as aquatic reptiles and mammals, on the light blue side. They are split that way so specific care facilities for can be zoological, while still allowing the galleries to be geographical.

      The idea was that this park is focused on the conservation of vulnerable and endangered wildlife. In order to be able to house many species such as amphibians, small mammals, and reptiles, I made individual buildings for each. However, in order to create biomes and ecoregions, the exhibits overlap and visitors go between sections as they see a wide variety of endangered species. If there is an interest, we can make a thread and create species lists.
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    16 Dec 2020
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