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74 lories smuggled in bottles

Discussion in 'Indonesia' started by Salt Merchant, 24 Nov 2020.

  1. Salt Merchant

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    4 Sep 2020
    Dozens of lories stuffed in plastic water bottles have been found by the authority on a ship docked in Fakfak, West Papua, Indonesia. The birds smuggled in the plastic bottles are the black-capped lory (Lorius lory).

    "So during the embarkation and debarkation process, the crew told us that there are a box that suspected to contain birds, because they heard noices in the box," said the police spokesman, Dodik Junaidi.

    "We brought the box down to the dock and after we checked, it turned out that the contents were indeed birds. We counted the number of the birds, they are 74 birds, consisting of 64 living birds and 10 dead birds," said Dodik.

    The unmanned evidence, said Dodik, was temporarily secured at the police station and will be sent to the Fakfak's BKSDA.

    "So after we sent them, BKSDA will take care of them until they gets better, and then they will be released into the wild," he explained

    It is a protected species in Indonesia that is sought-after illegally to supply the pet trade, said Elizabeth John of TRAFFIC.

    "Indonesia perhaps leads the charge in bird smuggling interceptions in the region, but what is needed is more arrests and a true crackdown of the players from source to market," she told the BBC.

    This is not the first time that birds have been discovered hidden inside plastic bottles in Indonesia. In 2015, a man is arrested for smuggling 21 yellow-crested cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) into a 1.5 liter water bottles. In 2017, the authority found 125 exotic birds forced inside in drain pipes after a raid that led to several arrests.

    So far there have been no arrests and the destination of the bird is unclear.

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    30 Sep 2019
    Really sad to hear this @Nandito, very sad indeed.
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