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____________ zoo competition

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by epickoala123, 15 Dec 2012.

  1. epickoala123

    epickoala123 Well-Known Member

    6 Oct 2012
    This is a fun competition thread, where you will be asked to come up with detailed exhibits(look at the design a zoo thread for help for the discriptive part).

    The first zoo will be q-zoo, where all animals must begin with the letter q.
    the first task is to come up with a reptile house, only using q animals.
    here are the rules:
    One week deadline
    after the week is up I will judge the entries and come up with a winner.
    The week deadline will end on saturday the 22nd of december
    all entries after the closing time will not be counted
    if there are any wrongly placed animals you will be disqualified
    english names that begin with q please(no latin names)
    mail me any questions you may have
    I will post a new challenge the following day and the deadline time will be according to the time here in britain.

    scoring system:
    various factors with a score of 1-10
    numbers will be added up and I will come up with a winner
    I will post score of the winner and indivisual scores for each cateregory

    This is what i'm looking for/catergories
    animal list
    animal exhibits(from discription)
    information about animals/conservation
    excess areas(like african village huts, traditional huts etc.)
    themed areas(asia, african, americas etc.)
    did you make it feel like I was there
    mix between common/rare zoo animal
    extra point will be given for paint
    ^these will be added up to give you a score

    Looking forward to your ideas

  2. ThylacineAlive

    ThylacineAlive Well-Known Member

    20 Oct 2012
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    1) So are you asking for detailed stuff or just short little things. If it's long and descriptive you're going to end up with another Design a Zoo thread (but that's what AnaheimZoo did with his 'Design an Exhibit' thread:D). If it's short then it might be very challenging (which isn't a bad thing) as it may be hard to make a good zoo with only a short little thing.

    2) How come it seems everytime you sign your name you add another smilie;)

  3. epickoala123

    epickoala123 Well-Known Member

    6 Oct 2012
    well it's idealy shorter than design a zoo thread, but still descriptive.