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Givskud Zoo About Zootopia

Discussion in 'Denmark' started by Emanuel Theodorus, 16 Feb 2020.

  1. Emanuel Theodorus

    Emanuel Theodorus Well-Known Member

    20 Mar 2018
    Tangerang, Indonesia
    So... do anyone know about how the progress of "Zootopia" project by Bjarke Ingels Group is going? I haven't really heard any update about them, and they proposed this idea in 2014, I believe?

    I hope the project didn't get canceled, though.
  2. Hvedekorn

    Hvedekorn Well-Known Member

    31 Dec 2008
    Skive, Denmark
    Zootopia technically already exists given that it has been part of Givskud Zoo's official name for a few years.

    As for the actual project; I don't know if it'll ever come to fruition, and it will certainly not happen as early as they predicted (if that was the case, they'd almost be finished by now).

    They are working towards some goals of their masterplan, though. Among other things, they are gradually turning the old Asian zone into a South American zone (swapping crab-eating macaques for spider monkeys as well as building the new spectacled bear exhibit at the site of the Asian plains exhibit), the bongos which currently live in a drive-through exhibit will get a new exhibit that can be seen on foot later this year, and they are laying a new footpath that'll make it easier to walk around the park (the latter two projects are part of the plan to transform it from a safari park to an entirely walkable zoo).

    But I unfortunately have no idea when/if the Bjarke Ingels designs will factor into all of these new developments...
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