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Add 3 species to one Zoo and why ?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by garyjp, 7 Sep 2015.

  1. garyjp

    garyjp Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2014
    A bit of fun we are going to add 3 species to one Zoo in the UK and pass it on by nominating the next zoo. I will start it off .
    Paradise wildlife Park (Broxbourne Zoo)

    flamingoes - i just feel the zoo as it is a flock of flamingoes would fit in rather well

    Bear - not bothered with what species but not polar due to size - rescue bears would be good , they have an excellent big cat selection so a bear species would fit nicely in too.

    Pig Tailed Macaque - personal choice my favourite but also there are no old world monkeys in the zoo and also hardly any Pig tails in the UK .

    Zoo i nominate for 3 species

    Shepreth Wildlife Park
  2. redstarsmith

    redstarsmith Well-Known Member

    31 Aug 2008
    Chester Zoo

    1. Black Mamba or King Cobra- for me the Zoo is lacking in hot herps. I have found both of these species to be uncharacteristically active compared to other herps and believe that they would be a huge draw for fans of snakes.

    2. Gorilla- very, very sad that Chester hasn't had the species for 30 years. With two World class Orang exhibits it would be great if Chester could add Gorilla and lol to emulate the success with this species.

    3. Hippo- I would go with Pygmy but Chester is big enough to cope with both. I find them a very popular animal.

    Special mention Leopard (Amur/Snow/Clouded), Bonobos and Ostrich!
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