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Adelaide Zoo Adelaide Zoo Meerkat stolen

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Trevor, 22 Apr 2006.

  1. Trevor

    Trevor Member

    27 Oct 2003
    Murray Bridge, South Australia
    This is rather dated news. Sorry - been meaning to make a post about this for the last two weeks.

    About two weeks ago a visitor to the Adelaide Zoo jumped the 1.2 metre fence around the Meerkat enclosure, grabbed one of the baby Meerkats, stuffed it into his backpack and took off with it with an accomplice. Fortunately, police were able to recover the animal the next day and return it to the zoo.

    It wasn't reported whether the alleged thieves sustained any injuries - but Meerkats would be low on my list of animals I would volunteer to catch. Those teeth look sharp! :eek:
  2. MARK

    MARK Well-Known Member

    7 May 2005
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    G/day Trevor good to have you here on zoobeat and here your views on our zoos.