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Philadelphia Zoo African Lion From Tulsa Zoo To Make Debut In Philadelphia

Discussion in 'United States' started by keith8404, 25 Jan 2012.

  1. keith8404

    keith8404 Well-Known Member

    22 Jun 2011
    Tulsa, OK, USA
    Makini, the new male African lion at the Philadelphia Zoo, will make his public debut Wednesday (January 25, 2012).

    The zoo already has plans for him to be a daddy.

    Next month, a new lioness will join him in hopes of establishing another pride in the First Niagra Big Cat Falls exhibit, according to the zoo.

    The zoo already has a pride with a male, Merlin, and three females, Zenda and white-furred Jezebel and Vinkel. All were born in at Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa in July 1991, and came to Philadelphia two years later.

    Makini, whose named means "dignity" in Swahili, will turn 3 in March.

    Mikini was transferred to the Philadelphia Zoo late last year in hopes of establishing another pride at that zoo's big cat exhibit. Makini and Thabo were the first lion cubs born at the Tulsa Zoo in 16 years. Thabo was transferred to the Memphis Zoo in early 2010 to help with that zoo's breeding program. Their parents, Chatari and Kofi, remain at the Tulsa Zoo.

    Sources: Philadelphia Inquirer and KOTV Tulsa

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  2. Arizona Docent

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    10 Feb 2009
    Arizona, USA
    Sounds like they are preparing for the inevitable deaths of the current elderly pride. I assume they will rotate the two prides in the interim. Philadelphia had the first white lions in the states (even before Sigfired and Roy), but it looks like they are getting out of that now to stay in line with SSP recommendations. I wonder if white lions will die out in U.S. zoos? Unlike white tigers, which are bred widely in private circles, white lions are only held at three or four zoos - all in the AZA I believe - plus the aformentioned Sigried and Roy collection in Las Vegas. But since the end of their show with Roy's accident, I do not think they are breeding their cats any more? Interestingly, overseas zoos seem to be breeding white lions regularly.