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Animal Population Choosing Challenge

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by TheAmurTiger, 1 Feb 2017.

  1. TheAmurTiger

    TheAmurTiger Well-Known Member

    19 May 2016
    Recently, Dolphinaris Arizona received eight dolphins chosen by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Dolphin Quest Hawaii. It made me think, what if a new park were to open again.

    Let's use SeaWorld's upcoming park in Dubai. They are permitted to take dolphins from other parks, but most likely they will use dolphins in their own parks (SeaWorld San Diego, SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, and Discovery Cove).

    I'd like to know which breeders and performers you would send to the park. There is a little bit of criteria to meet, however.

    1. The male breeders cannot be related to more than twenty dolphins
    2. Performers have to have performed at SeaWorld parks for at least seven years of their lives.
    3. Performers cannot be breeders, SeaWorld does not allow that in California or Florida, just assume they wouldn't here.
    4. Based on the total number of dolphins at SeaWorld parks, you must have between 25 and 35 dolphins chosen for this new park.
    5. No sending a calf that is three years old or younger. If a breeder is over 30, chances are it will not breed, and should therefore be considered a performer.
    6. Performing dolphin limit is set at 12. The minimum is 7.
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