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Animals in opposite climate/habitat zoos

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by animalszoos, 14 Mar 2017.

  1. animalszoos

    animalszoos Well-Known Member

    29 Feb 2016
    What animals cope best in opposite climates and habitats and what animals cope worst?
    This could be:
    - A fennec fox (desert climate) in a zoo in Northern Europe (colder climate more coniferous habitat)
    - European bison in Singapore
    - European brown bear in Brazil
    - Saiga antelope in Indonesia
    - Malay Civet in Canada
    - Polar bear in Egypt

    I think it is quite difficult for grassland animals to be kept in tropical habitats unless forest is cleared for grass to grow.
    I also think colder climate animals in hotter climates should be kept in cooled domes.
    Ideally, desert animals would also be kept indoors.

    By the way, how do you think Northern Eurasian species such as saiga antelope, european bison, elk and Canadian timber wolves would cope in zoos in tropical countries such as Singapore.
    American bison have been kept successfully (they've bred) in Taman Safari, Indonesia. How would European Bison cope in such climate and habitat?
  2. elefante

    elefante Well-Known Member

    12 Aug 2009
    North Dakota, USA
    American bison are generally pretty adaptable. They have been farmed in Florida, for example. When you say elk are you referring to the animal like the red deer or the larger dark brown one with the big nose (we call those moose here). If that latter is what you're referring to I would be surprised if they did well in a warm climate. As I understand they start to overheat at 90 degrees so would need some sort of access to a dome. Brown bears might do okay if they had plenty of water as would polar bears. The horrific Giza Zoo at one time had polar bears and the pics can be seen on this site.