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Animals That Are Prettier in Person

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by BedildaSue, 18 Jul 2015.

  1. BedildaSue

    BedildaSue Well-Known Member

    29 Jan 2014
    Homewood, AL 35209
    This thread will be similar to another that's already out there, but I wanted this one to focus specifically on beauty - are there any animals that you are nonplussed by when you look at pictures on the internet, but you find stunning when you are at the zoo?

    For me, this happens often with birds. I find the colors in photos are not adequately captured because of the way the light reflects off their feathers.
    Whenever I used to look at pictures of the blue-crowned motmot, for example, I would think to myself, "Why are they so popular?" They were such a plain-looking bird! Then I saw one in a zoo and was impressed with how pretty they actually are. :)

    Anyone else have species like this, where you were impressed by them only AFTER seeing them in person?
  2. Pleistohorse

    Pleistohorse Well-Known Member

    30 Jan 2013
    Okapis are stunning in life.
  3. Shellheart

    Shellheart Well-Known Member

    19 Mar 2013
    San Diego,CA
    Seconded on the okapis. There's something so beautiful about them that just doesn't seem to translate well into photographs. Ever since I saw one in person for the first time they became my favorite animal.
  4. Mr. Zootycoon

    Mr. Zootycoon Well-Known Member

    3 Jun 2015
    probably in a zoo
    Scarlet ibis for sure! The colours in photographs just never look like the colours of a real ibis. Same to eclectus parrots.

    For mammals, I immediately think of banteng: they look like quite uninteresting bovines in pictures, but they look stunning in real life! Their fur is so beautiful!
  5. gentle lemur

    gentle lemur Well-Known Member

    8 Sep 2007
    South Devon
    The thing that you can't get from a still picture and that you don't always get from video is the movement of the species. Some seem incapable of grace and elegance - it's just not in the nature of a warthog or giant tortoise: on the other hand some species are always graceful - all the species of bee-eaters that I have seen in flight are wonderful, they are mostly attractively coloured too, but all are so elegant. Another species that I always remember as breathtaking is the fairy blue flycatcher (not a zoo species) which is prettily coloured but very graceful too.
    Finally there are the species with iridescent colours, where movement causes the colours to shimmer if the light is good. I once saw a male Madame Verreaux's sunbird in the wild, it was wonderful. When this sort of colouring is displayed in courtship it can be breathtaking - two of the most spectacular I have seen in private collections are Cyathopharynx furcifer and Benthochromis tricoti (check them out on YouTube).

  6. TheMightyOrca

    TheMightyOrca Well-Known Member

    28 Jan 2014
    League City, Texas
    The Sumantran tiger has a lovely, vibrant orange coloring that looks nice in photos, but even nicer in person.