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Any ape keepers? Doing an experiment.

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Slothie, 20 Jan 2016.

  1. Slothie

    Slothie Member

    2 Apr 2014
    Does anyone here have experience working with chimps and/or bonobos? If so, what is the typical diet/menu that you feed them on an average week?
    I want to do an experiment where I eat chimp food for a few weeks and see how I fare. :p
    I know it's random but it's just something I'm curious about, I eat a lot of raw veg/fruit based things anyway, and I wanna know what monkey biscuits taste like. xD If it is I do get to go through with it, I'll do a diary on this thread, see how much my physical health is RUINED. :p