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Anybody ever played these online zoo games?

Discussion in 'Zoo Games & Simulators' started by Emanuel Theodorus, 11 Jan 2020.

  1. Emanuel Theodorus

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    20 Mar 2018
    Tangerang, Indonesia
    I don't know if it's just me, but I loved playing these zoo games.

    The first one is called "The Animal Zoo" (Yeah, I know. It's pretty generic), the game is essentially a management game where your goal is to satisfy zoo visitors by dragging them to the enclosure that they want to see three times. Each enclosures have either three, two, or one slot for guests. You will start with 4 enclosures (Crocodiles, Monkeys, Dolphins, and Fishes), and as you progress through each level, more enclosures will be added to increase difficulty. You can also put them in snack bar fo

    3 Slots: Crocodiles (Lvl 1), Monkeys (Lvl 1), Polar Bear (Lvl 3)
    2 Slots: Dolphins (Lvl 1), Fishes (Lvl 1), Giraffe (Lvl 5), Tiger (Lvl 6)
    1 Slot: Bison (Lvl 2), Panda (Lvl 4), Elephant (Level 7), Penguins (Level 8)

    Don't be fooled by their cute-sy appearance, though. They can be really stressful when you progress through each level. Especially when you get 5 guests wanting to view a Panda enclosure that can only occupy one guest at time. It is pretty fun game honestly. Although some voices of the animals (Especially Penguins and the Elephant) can be really annoying.

    For anybody interested in playing the game: The Animal Zoo Game - Play online at

    Another one is called "Zoo Breakout". It's a hidden object game where you goal is to find escaped zoo animals and other object before the timer run out. There are nine levels in total, three for each stages. It's easy once you know where the hidden objects are located, but it is still a very fun game. This is my favourite zoo online game in the internet. You can also learn some fun facts about the animals once you got them back.

    For anyone interested the game:
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