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Anyone know this marine creature?

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by ulrichburke, 28 Oct 2014.

  1. ulrichburke

    ulrichburke New Member

    28 Oct 2014
    Brighton England
    Dear Anyone.

    Joined to try to find out what the heck it was I saw in the sea!

    Was on holiday in Cornwall, bottom end of England. Went in the sea off the beach at Porthcurno. And floating next to me was - I can't call it a jellyfish because it didn't have any tentacles, but I'll describe what it looked like and you can tell me what it was.

    Imagine you were making a jelly/jello (depending on whether you're American or not!) But instead of using a mould, you poured the liquid into a deep try and put it in the fridge to set. In the liquid, in neat rows, you put little round blue sweets. When you took the tray out of the fridge, you'd have a wabbling basically rectangular jelly with blue sweets at regular intervals.

    That's what was in the water next to me, except the 'sweets' were pulsing nuclei. I picked it up and it wrapped itself pretty tightly around my arm, the only way I could make it let go was to rock my arm in the water so it felt safe enough in its natural element to release me. I saw one of these 3 times whilst on holiday, never found a picture of one on Google. Which means I'm using the wrong search criteria. But I'm danged if I know what else to call it but a rectangular jelly fish.

    Can anyone here help me out? This thing's gonna bug me forever otherwise!

    Yours hopefully

  2. Benosaurus

    Benosaurus Well-Known Member

    9 Aug 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    Velella velella maybe?
  3. AverageWalrus

    AverageWalrus Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2014
    Mabye a species of Comb Jelly?