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Anyone seen the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

Discussion in 'Zoo Cafe' started by Animallover1998, 18 Feb 2020.

  1. Animallover1998

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    20 Aug 2017
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    Just thought I'd start off with this new off topic thread to do with the all-new, all-amazing Sonic the Hedgehog movie that has recently spun into cinema screens across the globe!

    Now, as many of you on this website may have already noticed just from looking at my ZC username alone.... I love animals, and I always have been ever since I was very little. But another long-time obsession that I've also had since I was little is video games.

    That's right, and as you can expect I have played a LOT of different types of video games out of MANY different franchises. But, the one franchise out of all of these video game franchises that has remained my all-time favourite one of them all and my true childhood icon is.... Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

    Yes, and as you can tell Sonic was a HUGE part of my lively childhood back in the day ever since the time when I first played the very first game in the franchise for the Sega Genesis. And as you'd expect I also played a lot of the other games that came out for the franchise such as....

    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    • Sonic 3+Sonic & Knuckles
    • Sonic CD
    • Sonic Adventure (1 & 2)
    • Sonic Heroes (My personal favourite of the Sonic games)
    • Sonic 06
    • Sonic Unleashed
    Yes, I think you pretty much have got the point here I am just a HUGE fan of this franchise and I've never ever once changed my mind about it.... I'd even play some of the other games that he'd appeared in like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games or Super Smash Bros. Brawl (and the other few that came out after that) as well as watching a few of the animated TV shows they did based on the franchise, although I only really like three of them (the other two just didn't quite grab my attention as such).

    The three Sonic-themed shows that I like are....

    • Sonic Boom (the CGI-series which had aired on Cartoon Network from 2014 till 2017)

    • Sonic Underground (the only one of the Sonic shows I liked that was produced by the television company, DIC, as well as being the same Sonic show where we got to meet both Manic and Sonia the Hedgehogs)

    • And last but not least, Sonic X (Which is... believe it-or not, an anime-based series which ran from 2003 until its last airing in 2006. That's right, not only do I like Sonic and Animals, but I also love Anime. But still, out of the three Sonic shows that I have mentioned on this thread, this one has to be my personal favourite out of all of them, not just because its an anime, but because I remember back when I used to watch this show as it aired on Jetix in the UK years ago. The first season isn't exactly as good looking back it now, but throughout the next 2 seasons that came after it I feel like the show really started to progress into a more epic, more darker, and overall more serious kind of action-type show and I'd honestly give it a watch or two if you haven't seen it already)
    Now, enough about TV shows and the games that were released years ago..... I'm sure that by now some of you on here might have heard about the news, that the newly-improved Sonic the Hedgehog has recently spun its way into cinema screens across the globe ever since it came out last week on Friday, February 14th, 2020.

    And being one of the biggest Sonic fans that I still know and love, I was lucky enough to be able to go and see this film for myself a couple days after its release (February 16th), after my father had offered me the chance to go with him, his girlfriend and two step-kids to go and watch the movie at an ODEON cinema in Tamworth, UK.

    Now I'm not gonna go into too much detail about this film, because I don't want to end up spoiling it for any of you who haven't seen or watched the movie yet.... but from my experience I can honestly say it was truly and epic-ly AWESOME!!! I really am glad to have been one of the first few people to go and watch this film during its cinematic release and I cannot wait to hopefully watch it again later in the year as soon as it comes out on DVD.

    Honestly, I think its a good job I got to see it also once they had finished redoing Sonic's design for the upcoming movie especially when you compare it to his design from last year (EW!!!!). Seriously though, if you don't believe me there go onto Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. and type in "Sonic movie 2019" trust me, you'll be glad once you've understood why he looks so much better in the movie now than he did in the trailer from last year.

    But apart from that though, if any of you ZooChatters are also into Sonic the Hedgehog like I am and are curious about the new movie, then do go and check it out for yourselves whenever you get chance because it really is worth watching for the average family audiences!

    Also if you have been to go and see it in the cinemas already, I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions about the film and if you'd want to watch it again soon, because I definitely will do for sure! :D
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