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Discussion in 'United States' started by jayjds2, 29 May 2016.

  1. jayjds2

    jayjds2 Well-Known Member

    10 Nov 2015
    Virginia, USA
    The South American Rainforest exhibit opened last year- there are three open topped tanks, one walk-thru tank, an exhibit for two caimans, and an exhibit for an albino reticulated python. They wanted an anaconda but for some reason that didn't happen.

    The sea turtle tank (two sea turtles, a mother port Jackson shark, and a few misc fish) is now gone. It has been replaced by Claws!, which features crustaceans. Species were Bermuda land crab, coconut crab (yay!!!!!), porcupine crab, common lobster, and Japanese spider crab. All the exhibits were a bit too small for my taste, except for the Bermuda land crab exhibit.